Over The last twenty years of serving the Twin Cities as a car accident specialist I have heard many stories from my patients about how the Car Insurance Companies have tried to trick and deceive them.  The stories I am going to share with you are from my patients and their opinions.

Take The Money

So many of my patients have been in a car accident and called the insurance company and stated that they were having pain. They were told that a check for $500.00, $750.00 or $1,000.00 would be given to them from the insurance company. The insurance adjuster will tell my patient that they can use the money to see a doctor.  I have been told by certain Twin Cities attorneys that once that check is cashed the patient has waived all of their benefits.  People come into me and say "Doc, my back still hurts from the car accident", unfortunately, if they have cashed their check then there is no further payments from the insurance company for any benefits. The attorneys I talk to state to me that the insurance adjuster gets a bonus when an accident victim cashes the check. I have been told by so many attorneys that the insurance companies care about one thing and one thing only, money. So if you have been involved in a car accident, take your time and make sure you are alright before you cash that check. Remember, it is you that pays the monthly premiums for car insurance, it is your health and your decision.

The IME Doctor Told Me I am Not Hurt

IME (Independent Medical Exam) is an exam used by the insurance company to evaluate your injury from the car crash.  It is my opinion that the Independent Medical Examiner is not independent.  These doctors work for the insurance companies and their main job is to cut off your care.  Again, it is my opinion that these doctors have sold their souls to the insurance company for some extra income.  An attorney told me that these doctors can receive up to $2,000.00 for the exam.  My patients come back from the IME exam and tell me that the doctor spent sometimes only 15 minutes questioning and examining them. In my opinion, that is not independent, how is someone paid so much and still expected to remain independent. Maybe some can, but in my opinion many are not. Over the years I have read many reports from Independent Medical Examiners and the vast majority seem temp plated and very bias against those patients that are hurt. How can a doctor, who sees you one time several months after your accident make a report that states "Patient does not have pain, and fully recovered one week after their accident". I see my patients sometimes on a regular basis and I know they have pain. Again, the doctor being paid so much has a bias in my opinion.

The Insurance Company Says My Claim Is Under Investigation

Many patients get the letter that states "Your Claim Is Under Investigation". In my opinion, this is a stall tactic so that patients become afraid and stop their claim and treatment. You pay your premium faithfully every month, so do not worry and do not give up. If you have pain from your car accident, then you deserve to be taken care of. 

I realize that this article is based on my opinion, but if you are in a car accident please feel free to call me and talk about your situation. I am not a lawyer and can not give legal advice, but I can try to help you if you have pain. Our web site is: http://www.solichiropractic.com     I hope I have helped in some way.


Dr. Soli, D.C.