Secrets of CBD Oil and  Your Twin Cities Car Accident Revealed  

As a Twin Cities car accident specialist I have taken a keen interest in helping local residents deal with their pain from a car accident in a natural manner. Over my last 21 years of practice I have noticed that when one of my patients is involved in a car accident they may need to take pain relievers to help with the initial pain.  After a while though a number of my patients are asking for alternative ways to treat their pain. The following are my opinions and clinical experience in dealing with thousands of patients who have been in pain from their car accidents.

First, let us talk about chronic pain which is a major issue in the health sector and millions of people relying pain medication to go about their normal lives, but synthetic painkillers are known for causing side effects that make them unsafe or long-term use. Alternative pain treatments like hemp oil have shown a lot of problems for people with injury related pain, arthritis and other types of chronic pain.


One of the main benefits of using CBD for pain relief is the fact that it doesn’t cause the same dependency that people get from using pharmaceutical pain medication. People have been looking into alternative pain medication for a long time in fact plant-based treatments such as turmeric and frankincense have been used for a long time as a natural therapy for pain. Cannabidiol is one such treatment that has a long history as a pain medication. Only recently the medical sector has acknowledged its use as a legitimate treatment for a variety of ailments including pain.


Hemp oil is extracted from the cannabis sativa plant, which is slightly taller than the cannabis Indica and contains high amounts of CBD and almost no trace of the psychoactive compound THC. Hemp plants are grown commercially for a number of uses including medical use, and the plant grows relatively fast, making it eco-friendly and sustainable.

How CBD Reduces Pain

Until recently, medical science knew very little about the endocannabinoid system and how CBD and THC attach themselves to brain receptors to carry out their effects in the body. There are at least two receptors that interact with cannabis compounds to generate the effects we’ve gotten used to. THC attaches to CB1 receptors to generate the euphoric feeling that marijuana is known for, and CBD, which contains no psychoactive ingredient, attaches to CB2 receptors, and among other things, a counteracts the effects of CB1 receptors and assist the body in managing pain.


When used as a treatment for pain, CBD has a powerful effect on neuropathic pain, which is pain of the nerves and might be caused by peripheral nerve injury or other factors. By activating CB2 receptors, CBD activates many of the pathways that ease pain, and this goes a long way towards managing long-term condition such as diabetes, MS, and fibromyalgia.


Some researchers suggest that CBD also eases pain by engaging glycerin receptors which are part of the central nervous system are located in different parts of the brain and spinal cord. If a person has chronic pain, inflammatory factors sometimes disable these receptors, leading to higher sensation of pain, but is possible to reactivate them using CBD.


The Benefits of Using CBD to Manage Pain

As the FDA considers the use of cannabis for medical purposes, smoking and shaping cannabis is slowly becoming more than just getting high. It is increasingly becoming a health issue, and there are many positive reasons. Listed below are some of the amazing benefits of using CBD oil for pain.

The Muscles Relax

When muscles relax, move becomes much easier. This is especially important for people with pain who still want to exercise or do things like yoga, which can be painfully initially, but improves mobility and builds muscle. For anybody wary of pain that comes from too much exertion, try using CBD before and after workout, and spend enough time warming up. If you have a condition such as ankylosing spondylitis, CBD will slow down arthritic progression, enabling you to move more freely.


Decreases Pain Hypersensitivity

Extensive pain that is caused by dysfunction in the central nervous system is typical of fibromyalgia. Some health experts suggest that the lowered pain threshold comes from a deficiency in the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for pain management and in particular, sensitivity. Pain hypersensitivity caused by endocannabinoid dysfunction also leads to sleep disorders and mood challenges; however, treatment was CBD reduces pain sensitivity and improve sleep quality, making it ideal for pain.

Sleep  Heals

individuals with sleep disorders are likely to experience some intense pain as the body is unable to complete its natural healing process to alleviate some of the effects caused by pain from a car accident, muscle injury, tendon and ligament injury. Many of my patients who have been in a Twin Cities car accident tell me that their sleep is interrupted by pain. If thier pain symptoms go on to long this can turn into a chronic condition. The danger with chronic pain is that it keeps the nerves engaged in a later freight state, which makes it extremely difficult to relax and fall asleep. CBD has zero protective properties that encourage rest and improve sleep.

Uplifts Depression

Over the years so my patients tell me they feel depressed because they are not able to go about their daily lives as they used to before the car accident. Left unchecked, the pain again, can turn chronic. Depression is a common effect of chronic pain. When a person finds it impossible to walk or go to work in morning, it can have devastating effects on normal life. In addition to eating pain, CBD also triggers the release of serotonin and other happy chemicals in the body and numbs down the brain receptors that contribute to lowly feelings of depression.


Anxiety Relief

Cannabis is known to aid relaxation, which makes it a popular treatment for social anxiety however due do to THC content in cannabis, it can actually trigger more intense feelings of paranoia and anxiety. CBD on the other hand has the opposite effect, helping to calm down the nerves and keep you grounded. Anxiety disorders another feelings of irrational fear can be overwhelming especially if you find yourself in unfamiliar environments, however CBD can be used to effectively generate calmness and peacefulness and without the addictive component of anti-anxiety medication like benzo’s or Xanax.


Reduces Fear of Touch

For anybody with pain, some forms of body contact can cause intense pain, which may lead some people to avoid being touched. If left unchecked, this can turn into a serious problem that affects your personal and social life. What makes CBD perfect for pain is that it works in the central nervous system to reduce intense feelings of pain and encourage more positive feelings to the release of certain chemical compounds and the workings of CB2 receptors. Once you start using CBD, you will be more receptive to touch, and this will be a positive thing.




Perhaps the biggest concern for anybody with a job or kids or other responsibilities is whether CBD will induce psychoactive effects. While it’s true that CBD comes from cannabis plants, it does not cause any high. The two main compounds in cannabis are CBD and THC: and they are completely different in the effects they generate in the body. THC makes you high, but CBD stabilizes cognitive and neurological functions.


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from Twin Cities Car Accident

PTSD from a traumatic car accident causes intense anxiety and fear. During my 21 years of practice I have seen and experienced many patients experiencing intense stress and fear that interferes with normal life. But thanks to the calming effect of CBD, supplementing with a CBD tincture can be a way to normalize the nervous system and reduce anxiety.


Controls Neuropathic Pain

CBD targets neurons in the nervous system that are responsible for transmitting pain signals through regions of the brain and the spinal cord. The nervous system is also responsible for transmitting pain signals which can cause inflammation. Chronic inflammation is a major cause of severe pain and tissue damage. For long-term solution, CBD offers immediate and long-term improvement without any danger to the body. For the best results, daily use is recommended.


It Doesn’t Feel Like Medicine

CBD is highly versatile and fits well into any medical regimen. It can be used topically, or ingested. It can also be used on food, drinks, and it has the same common effect on your joints and muscles. Anybody looking to avoid pills, CBD is certainly a welcome change. So if you’ve been involved in a car accident in the Twin Cities please give us a call