Shoulder Injuries in a car accident are common. They are caused mostly by the jerking movements that occur in an accident and may be further aggravated by set belt shoulder straps. Shoulder injuries may also be related to neck injuries will allow you to recognize them quickly and seek treatment to prevent further discomfort and problems.

Causes of Shoulder Pain

In a car accident shoulder pain can be caused in three main ways. The first is as a result of a neck injury. A neck injury can radiate pain down the arm due to nerves being injured. The injury to the neck will then cause problems in the shoulder.

The next cause is direct damage to the shoulder from impact during the crash. This causes immediate pain and is easily recognized.

The last cause is from whiplash. Whiplash is usually associated with the neck, but is can cause pain in the shoulders as well. It may not cause pain right away after the crash, but may develop over time.


Shoulder injuries are usually found through and X-ray or an MRI. Most shoulder injuries are not severe and merely require rest and pain medication for proper healing. If the injuries are more severe then surgery or extensive therapy may be needed.

The earlier treatment is sought for a shoulder injury, the better. Early recognition of a shoulder injury and early treatment help to insure the problem is cared for correctly and prevents further damage from occurring. You should always make sure that any chiropractic care you receive is documented and that you keep a copy for your records.

What To Do After An Accident

Since some shoulder injuries may not develop symptoms right away it is always smart to have a complete medical check following the accident. If you fail to get checked out and have your medical attention documented then you may not be able to recover damages later on if symptoms do appear.

When your are in an accident in Brooklyn Park/Brooklyn Center/Maple Grove/Minneapolis it is smart to exchange information with the other drive. For example, even if you are rear-ended on Brooklyn Boulevard, Zane Avenue, or Hennepin Avenue, make sure to safely pull over to the side of the road and do not speak with them about the actual accident. You should only speak with the police to give your statement in regards to the accident. You may also wish to gather information from the witnesses.

You want to document everything about the accident so that any shoulder injury found in the future that can be linked to the accident can be claimed. If you are careful in how you handle an accident you should be able to make a claim against the other person for your for your shoulder injury.

Shoulder injuries from a car accident are usually not severe, but they are severe enough to make you lose time at work and to rack up medical bills that can be costly. It is important that if you suffer from a shoulder injury resulting from a car accident that you report it to the insurance and make a claim so you can recover your costs.

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